WDI Graphics Internet Solutions for Business

“The Internet is about usability,
The computer industry has been able to ship difficult-to-use products because you buy first, and then you try to use it. With the Web, usability comes first, then you click to buy or become a return visitor.” [Jacob Nielson Internet usability expert]

The Internet is growing and changing at astounding rates, what was once considered to be just the realm of geeks is now a part of everyday life and your web site needs to be seen out there in a world comprised of billions of web sites.

WDI Graphics can create a small or large scale web presence for your company, from standard one page advertisements to multi-tier larger scale projects you can manage in house, you can trust the team at WDI to make your site stand out from the crowd. WDI Graphics works with you to help you determine your needs and requirements. Our team of graphic designers, flash animators, web developers and programmers will take your concepts and turn them into a reality.

We also offer attractive and affordable hosting packages, re-design of existing sites, computer sales and service, we will even come to your location to do installations, PC clean ups and repairs. When you have made the decision to make the internet work for you contact WDI Graphics we can show you the way..sure it's a digital jungle out there but there is no need to panic because WDI has your road map to Internet success!