Solutions for Business

Designing your web site can be a daunting task when you try it on your own.

At WDI Graphics we will work with you to identify the important factors :
What do you want to do with your web presence?
What is the target audience/market for your product or service?
Do you want to sell goods or services online?
Do you want a corporate clean look or would your unique business compliment a flashy cool looking site?
And of course the most important factor, what can you afford ?

The answers to these questions will help us to create a web presence that is just right for you, from domain name registration to setting up your email we can help!
WDI is poised to help you take your business, service or family site online.

Our services include:

Web Site Design and Development, PHP Programming, Advanced Flash Techniques, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design, Copy Writing, Digital Photography, Professional Commercial Photography, Web Site Makeovers, Marketing and Advertising Campaign Assistance, Banners, Portals...if you think we left anything out there. just call us and ask if we can do it...we probably can!

What can you expect when you call WDI?

You will meet with a representative to determine your exact needs
You will be given a quote on the work required if all are in agreement to time lines and costs we will ask you to sign a contract with us a deposit of 50% is required on signing
Your hosting arrangements, domain registration process will be taken care of first
You will consult with one of our design team
You will be given a mock up of the proposed site to view at that time any changes can be recorded and completed
You will be given a final viewing we will launch your site LIVE on the Internet
your search engine submission * process can begin

IMPORTANT NEWS about WC3 Web Accessibility Standards

The WC3 Accessibility standards were developed to ensure that web content is available to everyone, even by people with disabilities. The standard also allows web pages to be understood by people using browsers other than the usual ones - including voice browsers that read web pages aloud to people with sight impairments, Braille browsers that translate text into Braille, hand-held browsers with very little monitor space, teletext displays, and other unusual output devices.

Every day the variety of web access methods used by people increases, and making your site standards-compliant ensures not only that traditional browsers, old and new, will all be able to present sites properly, but also that they will work with unusual browsers and media.

Ignoring these standards means that you could restrict access to your web site.
After all how much business sense does it make to limit your audience to only a fraction of those who wish be a part of it? For a business site, limiting or denying access to even small portions of a target audience can make a big difference to your profit margin. Although these standards are not "law" for web sites here in Canada all of our important information sites such as Canadian Government sites are working towards or already meeting the standards and we believe that increased accessibility which standards-compliance offers will lead to far greater rewards in the long run.

To learn more about these guidelines and how they could apply to your business presence follow these links.

Link to The Canadian Government Web Site explaining Accessibility

Link to The WC3 Web site's Accessibility standards guidelines by country

Link to The Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC)

Charitable and not for profit organizations can also be accommodated contact to see if your organizations can benefit from WDI's services.

Professional and Industry Associations our Web Designer is an active member of:
International Webmasters Association
The HTML Writers Guild

based on agreed procedure and costs